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DistrictCourt & subordinate courts at Surat are situated in two court complexesi.e. The District Court Complex and Fast Track Court Building, which aresituated at Athwalines, Surat. Both buildings are large and spacious. Thecompound is also spacious and there are trees in it. Both the Buildings aresituated at the distance at about 9 Kms. from Railway Station as well as BusStation. The District Court Complex is divided in two blocks, i.e. A-Block andB-Block. "A" Block is earmarked for functioning the Courts, while"B" Block is earmarked for Offices. The Courts / Offices arefunctioning in the Fast Track Court Building.

TheDistrict Court Complex is constructed in the year of 1994. Thereafter, in theyear-2001 it was damaged on account of massive earthquake. On account ofdamaged to the Building it was not habitable. Therefore, the Courts functioningin the Building were sifted at other places, viz. Multistoried Building, OldRest House etc. thereafter, on completion of the Retrofitted work of thebuilding the courts of Surat functioning at other places were re-shifted in thepresent building in the year-2005, the building appears to be in goodcondition. However, the repairing work to the columns of the building, whichare damaged to some extent, is going on for the purpose of procreation andsafety. This building is having Ground + Six floors. Facility of Water-cooleris also available at each floor. Facility of RO plant is also available.Facility of sufficient lift is available in the building, including a separatelift for Judial Officer. Facility of custody room for U.T.P. is also availableat each floor. A separate facility in the building is also available forMediation Center, Permanent Conciliation and for functioning the office ofD.L.S.A., Surat.

            The Fast Track Court Building hasbeen constructed in the year of 2005. It is in Good condition and also found tobe sufficient. This building is having Ground + Four floors. Facility ofWater-cooler is also available at each floor. Facility of sufficient lift isavailable. Sitting arrangement for witnesses/litigating public is available inboth the complexes.

            Facility of EPABX is available inthe building including Intercom.

            The facility of Bar Room isavailable to the members of the Bar Associations. A separate room is alsoallotted for Bar Library. The Lady Bar has also been allotted a separateroom.