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Brief Historical and Geographical Background

In 1948, India achieved in dependence. At that time patan was not a district, but it was the portion of Mehsana District which was a part of Gaekwad region.

In 1949 Baroda State merged with the union of India & hence mehsana district also became a part of Indian union.

At that time Gujarat was not a separate province but it was a part & parcle of the sate of Bombay and hence Mehsana district also became a part of Bombay State.

Upto 1960, Gujarat was a part of Bombay state and on 1st May, 1960 Gujarat became a separate state and hence Mehsana district also became a part of Gujarat state. Till then also Patan was not a separate district but was a part of Mehsana district.

Before 1949 when Baroda state merged with the Union of India, Patan was a separate taluka of Mehsana district. Therefore the District Court ofor Patan area was at Mehsana & Patan was given a Senior Civil Court and also J. M. F. court

When Gujarat state came into existence in 1960, the High Court of Bombay was the High Court of Mehsana District also, and from 01-05-1960 when the High Court of Gujarat came into existence, district Mehsana came under the jurisdiction of Gujarat High Court and Patan court also came under the jurisdiction of Gujarat High Court. At that time patan was awarded one senior civil court and civil (J.D.) & J.M.F.Court and sessions cases & appeals etc. were conducted at Mehsana district and sessions.

The Patan area was awarded a separate police division & separate D.S.P. office by the Govt. & since then an Assistance Judge was appointed at Patan also but not as a separate court but under the Mehsana District court, The assistant judge, patan then given powers as an additional sessions judge. Thus the court of Additional sessions Judge at patan was a part of Mehsana District court. Till then Patan was not a separate Revenue District .

The Mehsana district was divided into two part in 2002 and a separate Patan district came in the existence and since then District & sessions Judge Shri Hon'ble M. G. Gulabani saheb was first appointed as the District & Sessions Judge of a patan District and at present Hon'ble Shri Ilesh J. Vora saheb, the Principal District Judge is presiding over as a District Judge, Patan from 13-05-2009.

Other Important Information



Area in Sq.Km.

5,668 Sq.Km

Literacy Total

72 *

Literacy Female

68 *

Literacy Male

75 *


(1) Patan (2) Siddhpur (3) Chanasma (4) Harij (5) Sami (6) Radhanpur (7) Santalpur

* - Data as per the census taken in the year 2001.